RSS Readers for Mac OS X

The first month of 2012 is passing by and it’s high time we see what the Mac App Store have in store for us news junkies. Read on for a glimpse of the latest current crop of feed readers for the Mac. In this post you can find a handpicked list of the more interesting […]


News Anchor and Lion’s Sandboxing

I’m both happy and sad in writing out this announcement. Happy for finally have completed tweaking News Anchor to adhere to Apple’s new sandboxing requirement. Sad that I had to drop a couple of features from News Anchor. Namely dropping support for the Apple Infrared Remote and the ability to refresh feeds in the background […]


News Anchor 2.4.3 Release Notes

News Anchor is now ready for Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” and the update is available via the usual channels (the “Check for Updates” menu option for direct-download users and the “Updates” tab for App Store customers). If you are considering to upgrade to Lion, please update News Anchor as soon as possible. In addition, […]


News Anchor 2.4.2 release notes

You will be pleased to know that News Anchor 2.4.2 is now available for download. Mac App Store customers can use the App Store application to update News Anchor whereas direct-download customers This version is primarily bug fixes and performance enhancements. The Growl notifications are better: it properly notifies how many new episodes that you […]


Speak Like a Professional

How to speak like a professional and improve your speech by training yourself the American English accent using News Anchor.


Doing Chores While Reading Your Favorite Feeds

With News Anchor you can now listen to your favorite news feeds while doing household chores. Its text-to-speech voice frees you up from having to stare at the computer screen to read RSS news.


Analyzing Markets with News Anchor

If you are a market analyst or trend watcher you can improve your business acumen by monitoring the blogs and news sites that covers your niche. News Anchor can help you save time by freeing up your hands and eyes to do other tasks while you listen to the RSS feeds of these sites.


How Lawyers Benefit by using News Anchor

If you are a lawyer or someone who works in the legal profession, you can use News Anchor to save time keeping up-to-date with world events.


Improving English lessons with News Anchor

The profession of teaching naturally has the potential to greatly enrich the lives of many individuals. Of course, certain concepts and objectives will be fairly easily understood by most students, sometimes, however, a more creative approach may be required. Incorporating audio and especially visual aides into a teaching program can be an effective way of […]


News Anchor 1.0 Release

Basil Salad Software today announced the immediate availability of News Anchor 1.0 – a stunning fusion between traditional media and web 2.0 technologies. News Anchor Information News Anchor is an alternative RSS/ATOM feed reader targeted for the auditory group of Mac OS X users. Instead of treating feeds like e-mail and display them visually, News […]