RSS Readers for Mac OS X

The first month of 2012 is passing by and it’s high time we see what the Mac App Store have in store for us news junkies. Read on for a glimpse of the latest current crop of feed readers for the Mac. In this post you can find a handpicked list of the more interesting […]


News Anchor and Lion’s Sandboxing

I’m both happy and sad in writing out this announcement. Happy for finally have completed tweaking News Anchor to adhere to Apple’s new sandboxing requirement. Sad that I had to drop a couple of features from News Anchor. Namely dropping support for the Apple Infrared Remote and the ability to refresh feeds in the background […]


News Anchor 2.3.1 release notes

This version is primarily a maintenance release containing bug fixes and small enhancements. Fixed the crashing bug when you play a channel, pause it, and then immediately stop the playback. We’re really sorry for this to slip our testing. Fixed the issue when creating podcast files from a channel that has filename-unsafe titles. Added the […]