How Lawyers Benefit by using News Anchor

If you are a lawyer or someone who works in the legal profession, you can use News Anchor to save time keeping up-to-date with world events.


Designing the world’s most beautiful news caster

How we use the golden ratio to create gorgeous characters for News Anchor for Mac OS X. It wasn’t an easy process and takes a lot of trial and errors.

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Eli Pariser: Beware online “filter bubbles”

Adaptive algorithms created to personalize web experiences may have the downside of creating “filter bubbles” that limits one’s world-view.


Beware of the corporate click whore

Watch out for sensational and overblown news spun by the mainstream media, they are typically useless. Keep your focus instead of getting swayed out of control by media madness.


Improving English lessons with News Anchor

The profession of teaching naturally has the potential to greatly enrich the lives of many individuals. Of course, certain concepts and objectives will be fairly easily understood by most students, sometimes, however, a more creative approach may be required. Incorporating audio and especially visual aides into a teaching program can be an effective way of […]


How News Anchor can save you costly laptop repairs

Do you have breakfast while browsing the web? Here’s how you can save thousands of dollars.


How Facebook and Twitter betrays you

You will can easily be betrayed by yourself if you use Facebook, Twitter, or even Google Reader for your source of daily news. These sites may lead you to succumb to your primal desires, dulls your perspective and narrow down your world-view. You’ll need to be aware of their potential pitfalls if you want to […]